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post 0: 24 months to "Microsoft does not have majority market share"

While I was at the first SouthEastLinuxFest a few weeks ago, I made some bold claims.

"Microsoft will no longer have the majority market share in 24 months" I said.

Even though I was among free and open source neighbors, I was greeted with "Sorry. Not going to happen!" each time except when I said it to Nicholas A. Schembri.  Nick decided to hold me to this claim by making a wager.

If Microsoft has majority market share on June 30 2011, I will owe Nick twenty US dollars.

This blog will serve as a way to keep track of the progress over the next two years.  During this time I will seek nothing but the truth. Bad things will be said about Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Open Source, and Free Software if it is a fact. I will also site evidence that Microsoft's current business practices are unstainable and evidence that people are favoring the ideals of the alternatives.

My claim is basically
bug one but I need to clear up some things right away. 
  • I am not part of the Ubuntu community beyond a user. I also use Red Hat, Suse, PalmOS and Microsoft Windows. Once upon a time I ran Fedora, IRIX, MacOSX, DOS, *BSD and Solaris too but those days are mostly beyond me. Nor am I on the payroll of Cannonical.
  • I consume massive amounts of technology therefore I could be outside the 80% that Nick is talking about. My career as a system administrator for the past 10 years has been mostly working in environments that are not effected by bug one.  Therefore, I will have to look outside my comfort zone.
  • Bug one discusses the desktop market, but computing is larger than that. Microsoft has a whole suite of products in many markets: the console video gaming market, mapping, embedded, home media, high performance computing... I can't finish this list tonight! This blog will be about finding out what markets Microsoft is a part of and how well they are doing.
  • Despite the previous bullet, I assert that Microsoft lacks market share in all that it attempts except for two areas: 1. desktop (laptop and a PC on your desk) 2. office suites applications. If you can think of an area where Microsoft excells, respond and I'll look into it.
  • If you don't want to read this discussion, you can unfriend me and I will understand. On the other hand, if you are a user of computing resources who wants to have an intelligent discussion, then you will be allowed to post a comment even if you are not a friend.  I'm starting this by allowing all comments, even unauthenticated users. If that turns out to be too spammy I might reconsider.
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